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The obvious and real disconnect among our Republican friends provides comic entertainment across the nation, with the possible exception of this part of the Union. Utah seems quite comfortable with things staying just the way they've been since Scott Matheson left the building. The Legislature is a fine example of the broad ideology that keeps those fresh, innovative ideas coming at the citizenry each year.

The lip service being paid to minorities to pull them into the "big tent" won't be known for a while, but the exclusion of two major networks not owned by Rupert Murdoch from the 2016 GOP debates seems to suggest that not much has changed, despite the rhetoric coming from the Republican National Committee and Reince Priebus.

Apparently, only Fox, notorious for its "fair and balanced" slogan, will be allowed to broadcast this global happening featuring the 2016 cast of the Katzenjammer Kids. Rush Limbaugh may already be working on probing, thought-provoking questions along the lines of, "Candidate #1, we know you're a super patriot, can you describe just how big your personal flag is at home?"

Get your tickets early and be ready for the greatest show on earth, coming soon to select, conservative locations across the land.

Alan Peterson


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