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"Most people have no idea how much water they actually use. The only way to change the wasteful consumption of water along the Wasatch Front is to start taxing people for it."

— Susan in the Pink Hat

commenting on the Aug. 22 Tribune editorial, "Save water, stop fires: In Utah, it's come hell and no water"

"Nice to see a national news organization giving some positive attention to Manning. But what about the government criminality that he exposed?"

— EmmanuelGoldstein1984

commenting on the Aug. 23 Dana Milbank column, "Government secrecy goes wild"

"You don't find it the least bit troubling that everything the NSA has said about what they're not doing or haven't done has turned out to be a lie?"

— DigBath

commenting on the Aug. 21 article, "Report: NSA, FBI monitored all emails, texts during Salt Lake Olympics"

"Someone in the UTA management must need a new BMW since they've used all the presets on the radio, so they need another fat bonus."

— r dale

commenting on the Aug. 22 article, "Forces joining to push for transportation tax hike in Utah"

"Addiction is a disease. Imagine if we treated cancer patients the way we treated drug addicts. What if our prisons and jails were full of people with leukemia, heart disease, and high blood pressure?"

— captnblackberry75

commenting on the Aug. 18 George Pyle column, "Was Danielle Willard killed for a piece of licorice?"

"Quite simply I don't believe there is one child in Utah with involved parents who can't thrive and learn to succeed in Utah."

— tck62

commenting on the Aug. 21 Tribune editorial, "Back to school: Parents have a key role to play"

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