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Where do we draw the line? Is it cruel to trot a horse through the city streets all day or is it exercise? This carriage horse was beaten on his back end to try to make him lift while men worked with ropes to get him up. Poor, sick beast.

City streets, polluted with auto exhaust, are not good for man or animals.

We are unkind to many of God's creatures, i.e. house pets. Are they really our pets, or our prisoners? We go to work all day and they are closed in a room or basement.

What life does a totally restricted calf have? They never get to run or romp in a field just so we can enjoy veal at dinner.

Are we being kind to polar bears in a zoo, with local temps in the 80s or higher? I pity the elephant who spends his life on concrete.

Let's do away with the carriage horse. Let's be kinder to our four-legged friends.

Lois Johnson

Salt Lake City

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