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Re "Mormons join Hawaii's gay-marriage fight, but with a new approach," Tribune, Sept. 19:

The Mormon church is right to lobby for exceptions to gay marriage laws that keep religions from "being required to support or perform same-sex marriages or from having to host same-sex marriages or celebrations in their facilities."

However, since that provision is regularly provided in all such laws, not much lobbying is needed; once again, Mormons fear persecution where none exists.

After years of striving to impose its theology on others, the Mormon church now retreats to the position it should have started with: Just don't impose others' theologies on us.

However, the church's other cause — to " protect individuals and small businesses from being required to assist in promoting or celebrating same-sex marriages" — is mistaken. Do we similarly protect a racist mom-and-pop diner from having to serve black patrons?

No, we've rightly banned discrimination from the marketplace. A Baptist florist can't discriminate against Mormon weddings, and a Mormon florist should not be allowed to discriminate against gay nuptials.

The LDS church still doesn't get it.

Jeff Hammond

Salt Lake City

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