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As if suffering defeat to their rivals wasn't bad enough, a bunch of Brigham Young University fans decided to try for one final humiliation after Saturday's game against the University of Utah.

In a video captured by KSL Sports, the fans can be seen throwing things, including what looks like trash and paper airplanes, at the game's referees as they leave the stadium. It also sounds like they're booing the refs and one ref may even have been hit in the head by a paper cup.

The incident comes after the Utah Utes beat the cougars 20-13 Saturday night in Provo. The angsty fans were apparently dissatisfied that the refs didn't make an interference call, though perhaps they were just venting a deeper frustration that the so-called Holy War pretty much always goes the same way these days.

In any case, as a BYU alumnus myself who has been trying to convince my new Salt Lake City friends that my alma mater wasn't so embarrassing after all, the video made me glad I skipped the game altogether.

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