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The third-season premiere of Revenge (Sunday, 8 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4) spends much of the hour erasing what happened in Season 2.This is a good thing.Season 1 of "Revenge" was pretty darn good. "Season 2" was a bit of a trainwreck at times. It was more than a bit of a train wreck at other times.The set-up for the series was that Emily (Emily VanCamp) showed up in the Hamptons looking for - you guessed it! - revenge. Her father had been framed for complicity in a terrorist attack that brought down a passenger jet, and she was out to get the Grayson family, who were behind it.But just as she was getting close to completing her plan, she learned about the existence of The Initiative, which forced Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) to do all those bad things.Well, forget all that. At the end of Season 2, we were told that there never was an Initiative. And that's reinforced at the beginning of Season 3.Again, this is a good thing."Revenge" was always at its best when Emily was executing her plots. Sometimes you could see them coming, but even then it was great fun watching them unfold.And we see that again in the Season 3 premiere.Oh, and this is in ABC's "Revenge" ads so I'm not spoiling anything. Sunday's episode opens with the traditional "Revenge" flash-forward.Emily is on a yacht. She appears to be wearing a wedding dress. Somebody shoots her twice in the abdomen, and she fall off the yacht into the water.And then we back up, although the narrative picks up several months after the end of Season 2.I loved the first season of this show. I stuck with it through Season 2.I have high hopes that Season 3 will be a huge improvement.