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It's time people realize that the desperate Republican attempt to defeat Obamacare is seen for what it is, extortion. What they are doing is no different from traditional Mafia extortion where thugs intimidate small shop owners by threatening to destroy their businesses.

In short, they say, "Give us what we want, or we'll shut you down." Sound familiar? You've seen it in "The Godfather" and other gangster movies, and now you see it in the attempt of tea party ideologues to use extortion to get their way.

It's an example of "winner take all politics" that relies on a mix of misinformation, propaganda and McCarthy-like demonizing of anyone who disagrees. The Republicans who let this extortion take place lack the courage to stand up against these petty despots because they are primarily concerned about keeping their own jobs at the expense of the nation.

These tactics make a shame of democracy and threaten human well-being, and they should be universally denounced.

Frank Page

Salt Lake City

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