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I was truly amazed when I read of the salaries of high school athletic directors at nine high schools, all well over $100,000.

Most people, including myself, didn't even know that high schools have athletic directors. I personally know a first grade elementary hard-working teacher with 32 years of continuous service, and her latest salary is in the $46,000 range. Hard to believe.

Utah's lieutenant governor is retiring as he cannot make it on a salary of $109,000. He should apply for an athletic director job at a local high school. It makes one wonder if this is the reason that Utah ranks one of the lowest in spending per pupil for education. Too much is going for athletics.

The total annual gross salaries (including benefits) for the nine athletic directors is $1.05 million. This may help explain why my property tax for 2013 is $3,289.57. I live in the Canyons District in a moderate house, in which two of us reside.

We must do something to slow this tide of spending.

Cloris Watts


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