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The new movie "Gravity" showed us what it might be like to nearly fall to earth in a space suit, but Felix Baumgartner showed us what it's like to go all the way.

Baumgartner jumped from a balloon floating in the stratosphere on Oct. 14, 2012, and a point of view video released earlier this week captures the feat in three different angles. The video — which comes from energy drink maker Red Bull — begins in what looks like outer space; the earth is a globe, the sky is black and Baumgartner is wearing a Gravity-esque space outfit.

Then, over the next 9 minutes, Baumgartner plummets to earth.

Baumgartner deploys his parachute about 4 minutes 25 seconds into the video. And as an added bonus, the video's makers included airspeed and altitude measurements on the screen.

The jump ultimately set a world record and came several days after an earlier attempted was canceled due to weather.

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