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David J. Adamson ("Lee is one of last statesmen left in U.S.,"Forum, Oct 17) hopes that Mike Lee and Ted Cruz inspire Americans to "return to the principles that the United States was founded on."

Is he referring to legalized slavery, or perhaps denying women the right to vote? Maybe he's thinking about how Native Americans were treated? These principles get conveniently glossed over by those who deify the Founding Fathers and the principles of our nascent nation.

As an American living in the 21st century, I have no desire to return to the United States of the 18th century, and I am increasingly suspicious of those who pine for the "glory days" of our republic. We face real problems which need to be addressed. Let's not add to the confusion by putting on rose-colored glasses to make pretend patriots of our elected officials.

Craig Kelley

Salt Lake City

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