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Tis the season for self-incrimination via internet videos.

Just days after a video showing Utah Boy Scout leaders toppling a Goblin rock formation went viral, blog I Am Birmingham posted a video of a young man in the UK pushing over a street performer. The performer — who according to the blog was "dressed in a costume resembling 'Yautja', the chief alien protagonist in the Predator film series" — then topples onto a child.

The video sparked outrage across the Internet, and eventually ended up on The Daily Dot and Gawker.

It also prompted a crowd-sourced manhunt; a thread on Internet forum Reddit spawned 1,627 comments before being shutdown and a nightclub offered free admission to anyone who could find the assailant's identity.

The West Midland's Police tweeted that they are "making enquiries [sic]" into the incident, though they have not yet received a complaint from the victim.

In the meantime, the Predator pushing incident bears a surprising resemblance to the Goblin toppling here in Utah:

• Both cases involved pushing someone or something off a pedestal;

• Both involve a cameraman who cheers on the pusher;

• Both incidents also involved a video that was uploaded by the perpetrators to Facebook, and then by others to YouTube.

The lesson here seems obvious: don't do stupid — and likely illegal — things, and if you do, don't post videos on the Internet of yourself doing them.

— Jim Dalrymple II

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