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First Lady Jeanette Herbert's initiative, Uplift Families, "strives to promote happiness, prosperity and societal stability through strong families and meaningful parent-child relationships." There is a conference scheduled to promote the initiative. The message is valuable, but there is a noticeable lack of inclusion in the upcoming conference.

I was astonished at the lack of diversity in the choice for speakers. I saw only one attempt to incorporate culture: an international dinner menu.

The Uplift Families' board is alienating many members of Utah's population in by including only Caucasian speakers. We should encourage representation from all of our state's population, especially at a government event. I am sure exclusion was not the intention of the board, but the lack of diversity is concerning. Diversity should be celebrated.

It is a great that "Uplift Families believes that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with the tools necessary to make safe and healthy choices in their lives." The inclusion of members from all races and cultural backgrounds would strengthen the message and make it more relevant.

Paige Heyn

Salt Lake City

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