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It made me sad that tea party people took over the City Council and the atmosphere in the city turned contentious. They seem to say "no" to every proposal. Many proposals were voted down because some council members would say, "This is not a function of government."

Syracuse City has elected three like-minded City Council members. In public they say, "We appreciate the city staff and all they do for Syracuse City." Behind the scenes they oppose raises and expanding any department. They make no effort to visit with department heads or staff. This is not good for Syracuse citizens, and we deserve the best.

Syracuse will feel the effects of this tea party movement for years. We used to get about 100 applications for police officer positions. Only six people applied for the last opening. What does that say?

I have worked with all the candidates. Doug Peterson, Mike Gailey and Allen Lowry possess the qualities that will move Syracuse City in the right direction.

Brian WallaceFormer Syracuse chief of police


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