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They say dogs are man's best friend, but a German shepherd in England prefers saving babies.

Jade was out on a walk Wednesday in a Birmingham park with her owner — a 68-year-old retiree named Mr. Wilday — when she ran off, according to The Daily Mail. Mr. Wilday called to Jade, but she wouldn't come. Finally, he went over to investigate and heard a baby crying.

The baby had apparently been discarded in the park and still had her umbilical cord attached. Jade wouldn't leave the baby's side until Mr. Wilday came to investigate.

Mr. Wilday summarized: "She is a hero dog. There was no-one else in the park at the time and it was very cold. If it wasn't for Jade that baby could have been dead."

The little girl is thought to be just a few days old and was taken to a hospital. Staff members have nicknamed her "Baby Jade." Police are hunting for the baby's mother and are doing DNA tests on Baby Jade.

Jim Dalrymple II

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