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Saturday morning Sen. Mike Lee held a rally in the politically safe bastion of South Jordan. Several hundred supporters and several dozen protesters attended ("Hundreds chant 'We like Mike' in rally for Utah Sen. Lee," Tribune, Nov. 2).

A woman organizer told protesters that they had to back away from the Lee supporters; they weren't allowed there. So much for the First Amendment.

Several Lee supporters shouted down protesters and physically crowded them in a threatening way. I held up my anti-Lee poster, and Lee's supporters told me to go to Canada.

Several tried arguing but I didn't speak. This caused them to get louder and more hostile. Some told me I was "un-American." One woman got inches from my face and whistled. I whistled back and she backed away.

Lee's supporters tried to pick fights and start arguments with the "anti's." A few supporters thanked me for being respectful in my protest.

Supporters were "wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible." Fascism was alive.

Bill Revene

West Valley City

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