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If I were Utah Attorney General John Swallow, I'd be furious. Facing possible criminal charges related to tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, extortion, influence peddling, acceptance of improper gifts and potential impeachment, Swallow merely wants to tell his side of the story.

While local and federal investigators circle him like vultures, he can explain everything. Yes, a ton of potentially damaging electronic data may have been deleted or lost. Yes, a "potentially large number of emails" has mysteriously disappeared. Yes, "electronic calendars have disappeared along with all the data on his state-provided desktop and laptop computers," and yes, his home computer is not working ("Swallow's attorney blames lost emails on state switching tech systems," Tribune, Oct. 31).

But these countless technical glitches could be simple coincidences. Just because he knows investigations into his activities are ongoing, it is unfair to assume Swallow is attempting to cover his tracks. We cannot assume he was in cahoots with his Republican predecessor Mark Shurtleff or that he is a self-serving politician who places himself above the law.

John Swallow has labored for many years to achieve absolute power and, in my opinion, he has earned the right to abuse it.

Mike Dunn

Cottonwood Heights

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