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This week, Xfinity has released a new version of its mobile app for iOS and Android devices that takes users one step closer to what they want — the ability to watch live TV on their mobile phones.

The Xfinity Player app is now called Xfinity Go and allows users to watch certain cable channels live, including CNN, FX and more. No, the list of live channels does not include ABC, CBS or any of the other big broadcasters, nor does it include Showtime or HBO. But it's a step in the right direction that more TV neworks are willing to broadcast their live streams to mobile devices. Already, TBS and TNT stream their broadcasts in real time to their mobile apps, and ABC allows it only in some markets (not in Utah yet).

Unfortunately, however, Xfinity still requires that you be a cable subscriber with them for the app to work at all. So far, there is no indication the networks will give in and let people watch their TV shows without having to pay for cable first.

— Vince Horiuchi

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