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If you were looking for a dramatic overhaul to Utah's offense between now and Saturday, you'll be disappointed based on the thoughts shared at Utah's press conference Monday. Utah's offense, which went from averaging 37 points in the first six games to 15.3 points in the last three, simply has to play better according to Utah coach Kyle Whittingham. The only change one can expect to see is more of right tackle Isaac Asiata after he graded out well in his effort on Saturday. Whittingham said coaching ultimately was to blame for Utah's struggles, saying it was up to the coaches to help the players perform better. If they couldn't, it was the coaches' fault for finding the "wrong guys," he said. "It comes back to coaching no matter how you spin it," he said. At this point, it's fair to say Utah's recruiting on the offensive front needs to be better. Losing tight ends Westlee Tonga and Jake Murphy certainly hurt Utah's plans as did the season-ending injury to receiver Kenneth Scott, but the fact that no other playmakers have emerged has to be unsettling to Utah fans. Can the coaches get creative enough to make up for the shortcomings? They have to do so. Otherwise, as Whittingham said, the losses will be on them. - Lya Wodraska

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