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I recently had a perfectly wonderful road trip through four states. It included driving in cities, towns and multiple highways. I was so impressed.

Everyone stayed to the right on multilane roads, people used their turn signals and, in heavier traffic, created spaces for others to merge from on-ramps or side streets.

In other words, people, many from other states as well, were, in general, very courteous and aware of the other drivers around them. I called my wife during the trip and made it a point to mention how wonderful the driving experience was.

And then I returned to Utah and disappointment. Just a few miles north of Brigham City, the insanity set in. Left-lane hogs, tailgating, cutting others off (including myself) — and a lot of these were SUVs with kids in car seats (I wonder where habits, good or bad, come from). I can only imagine the stories people from other states tell about their experience on Utah roads. It's quite sad.

Dan Marrs


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