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A few months ago I moved here from Illinois, and shortly thereafter my car broke down. I have used the UTA since. I like to compare the saying of United Airlines: "Fly the Friendly Skies of United" to "Ride the Extra Very Friendly Buses of UTA."

There has never been a time when boarding or leaving my bus that the driver has not said "Thank you, have a great day," always with a smile. This greeting is given to everyone boarding or leaving the bus.

I want to indicate one time and give special recognition to one Very Special Driver, Susana Tauaunia.

I was not paying attention and got on the wrong bus and ended somewhere past Salt Lake City, where she stopped and took her break. I explained that I was 88 and confused about the situation.

Susana made me feel comfortable until was glad I had made the error in getting on her bus. She called my son and arranged for him to meet me.

So if you want to enjoy a very comfortable lasting experience, ride the friendly UTA Bus.

Harry J. Bell


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