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I have been frustrated by the lack of reason on the part of those who oppose gay marriage, and their inability to offer logical arguments for marriage inequality. But I was heartened by Suart C. Reid's op-ed satire ("Massacre of marriage endangers the republic," Opinion, Dec. 24).

Recognizing that it is impossible to reason with an insane person, Reid chose a reductio ad absurdum argument instead. His satirical remarks include, for example: "... massacring the institution of traditional marriage and morality, and no less important, demonstrating disdain against the will of the majority," which shows just how absurd the anti-gay marriage position really is.

And his tongue-in-cheek call for a revolution was brilliant. I am sure the humorous legislator knows that to call for actual revolution "a la barricade" borders on treason. The coup de gras de la comedie came when he politely urged the judiciary to be more "circumspect" in its decisions after charging them with "Forcing the majority to give up its constitutional rights for judicial activism protecting sexual activities heretofore held to be immoral…"

Very Funny! Truly we need more comedians like Reid, and fewer legislators.

Richard W. Foster


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