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Did you read the op-eds from our esteemed Sens. Allen Christensen and Stuart Reid in the few days before Christmas? What a joyous message of peace and harmony they had to share with the citizens of our state.

Christensen was obfuscating about forced charity and denying health care to hard-working, underpaid men and women who hardly make enough to feed their families ("Medicaid expansion is just forced charity," Opinion, Dec. 21). Merry Christmas.

Reid was ranting about the end of civilization because 8 percent of our population want to be treated as equals ("Massacre of marriage endangers republic," Opinion, Dec. 24). This oh-so-righteous individual feels the need to deny happiness to so many of our friends and family based on fables from a superstitious and barbaric time. Happy New Year.

I wish someone could explain the morality of these two individuals who throw money at non-existent wolf problems and bow down at the altar of ALEC, cronyism and plutocracy while advocating treating real people as so much human detritus. Meanwhile we all breathe the filthy air of their imagined superiority.

Michael Bodell

St. George

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