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All the gay couples who have gotten married in our country should be grateful that our great country has allowed them to join together in marriage. If they had been living in the Arab world, which is governed by the Quran and sharia law, not only would they never have the privilege of joining together in marriage, they would in all probability be killed.

Here in America, our freedoms have been enriched so much, just about anything is acceptable in our society today. Morality in our country is at its lowest ebb, drugs are rampant. Christianity is being attacked by so many, as they don't believe in a deity any longer, but wish to go the way of their temptations to satisfy their egos.

However, there will come a day when this will all change, for the wrath of God will prevail just as it did in biblical times. We should put our lives in order.

Donald E. Evett


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