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Name • How you know him/her • Why he/she is at Sundance • Twitter handle

Richard Ayoade • "The IT Crowd," "The Watch" • "The Double" (Spotlight)

Elizabeth Banks • "The Hunger Games" films, "Pitch Perfect" • "Little Accidents" (Premieres) • @ElizabethBanks

Wes Bentley • "The Hunger Games," "American Beauty" • "The Better Angels" (New Frontier) • @realwesbentley

Peter Bowles • "To the Manor Born," "Rumpole of the Bailey" • "Lilting" (World Dramatic)

Zach Braff • "Scrubs," "Garden State" • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres) • @zachbraff

Darren Burrows • "Northern Exposure," "Amistad" • "Love Is Strange" (Premieres)

Nick Cave • Musical icon • "20,000 Days on Earth" (World Cinema Documentary) • @ncandtbs

Pei-pei Cheng • "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" • "Lilting" (World Dramatic)

Jemaine Clement • "Flight of the Conchords," "Gentlemen Broncos" • "What We Do in the Shadows" (Park City at Midnight)

Glenn Close • "Fatal Attraction," "Air Force One" • "Low Down" (U.S. Dramatic)

Brady Corbet • "Martha Marcy May Marlene," "Melancholia" • "The Sleepwalker" (U.S. Dramatic)

Katie Couric • "Today" (1991-2006), "CBS Evening News" (2006-11) • "Fed Up" (U.S. Documentary) • @katiecouric

David Cross • "Arrested Development," "Alvin & The Chipmunks" movies • "Hits" (Premieres)

Billy Crudup • "Almost Famous," "Watchmen" • "Rudderless" (Premieres)

Willem Dafoe • "Spider-Man," "Out of the Furnace" • "A Most Wanted Man" (Premieres)

Tim Daly • "Wings," "Private Practice" • "Low Down" (U.S. Dramatic) • @TimmyDaly

Ted Danson • "Cheers," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" • "The One I Love" (Premieres)

Isaach De Bankole • "Night on Earth," "Casino Royale" • "Calvary" (Premieres)

Mark Duplass • "Zero Dark Thirty," "Safety Not Guaranteed" • "The One I Love" (Premieres) • @MarkDuplass

Alex Ebert • Musician, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros • music panel

Chaz Ebert • TV producer; widow of Roger Ebert • "Life Itself" (Documentary Premieres) • @ChazEbert

Jesse Eisenberg • "Now You See Me," "The Social Network" • "The Double" (Spotlight)

Elle Fanning • "Super 8," "Ginger & Rosa" • "Low Down" (U.S. Dramatic)

Todd Field • "Eyes Wide Shut," "Twister" • "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" (Documentary Premieres)

Kate Flannery • Meredith on "The Office" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight) • @KateFlannery

Flea • "Super 8," bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers • "Low Down" (U.S. Dramatic) • @flea333

Josh Gad • "Frozen," "Thanks for Sharing" • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres) • @joshgad

Pierce Gagnon • "Looper" (he was the kid) • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres)

Jorge Garcia • Hurley on "Lost" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight) • @jorgegarcia

Brendan Gleeson • "Harry Potter" films, "The Smurfs 2" • "Calvary" (Premieres)

Selena Gomez • "Spring Breakers," "Getaway" • "Rudderless" (Premieres) • @selenagomez

Kiowa Gordon • "The Twilight Saga" • "Drunktown's Finest" (Next) • @CircaKiGordon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt • "The Dark Knight Rises," "Inception" • "HitRecord on TV" (New Frontier) • @hitRECordJoe

Ashley Greene • "The Twilight Saga," "The Apparition" • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres) • @AshleyMGreene

Judy Greer • "Arrested Development," "The Descendants" • "Jamie Marks Is Dead" (U.S. Dramatic) • @missjudygreer

Maggie Gyllenhaal • "The Dark Knight," "World Trade Center" • "Frank" (Premieres) • @mgyllenhaal

Bill Hader • "Saturday Night Live" (2005-13), "Superbad" • "The Skeleton Twins" (U.S. Dramatic)

Michael C. Hall • "Dexter," "Kill Your Darlings" • "Cold in July" (U.S. Dramatic)

John Hannah • "The Mummy" • "Ping Pong Summer" (Next) • @JohnHannah

Anne Hathaway • "Les Misérables," "Ella Enchanted" • "Song One" (U.S. Dramatic)

Christina Hendricks • "Mad Men," "Drive" • "God's Pocket" (U.S. Dramatic)

Lauryn Hill • Musician, formerly of The Fugees • "Concerning Violence" (World Documentary) • @MsLaurynHill

Emile Hirsch • "Into the Wild," "Lone Survivor" • The Creative Coalition • @EmileHirsch

Philip Seymour Hoffman • "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Capote" • "God's Pocket" (U.S. Dramatic); "A Most Wanted Man" (Premieres)

Kate Hudson • "Almost Famous," "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres)

Cheyenne Jackson • "30 Rock," "Behind the Candelabra" • "Love Is Strange" (Premieres) • @cheyennejackson

Don Johnson • "Miami Vice," "Django Unchained" • "Cold in July" (U.S. Dramatic)

Anna Kendrick • "The Twilight Saga," "Pitch Perfect" • "The Voices" (Premiere), "Life After Beth" (U.S. Dramatic) • @AnnaKendrick47

Irrfan Khan • "Life of Pi," "The Amazing Spider-Man" • "The Lunchbox" (Spotlight)

Rinko Kikuchi • "Pacific Rim," "Babel" • "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter" (U.S. Dramatic)

Joey King • "Ramona and Beezus," "White House Down" • "Wish I Was Here" (Premieres) • @JoeyKingActress

Diane Kruger • "The Host," "National Treasure" • "The Better Angels" (New Frontier)

Jenny Lewis • Musician (Rilo Kiley, Jenny & Johnny) • "Song One" (U.S. Dramatic) • @jennylewis

Juliette Lewis • "Natural Born Killers," "August: Osage County" • "Hellion" (U.S. Dramatic) • @JulietteLewis

John Lithgow • "3rd Rock From the Sun," "Buckaroo Banzai" • "Love Is Strange" (Premieres) • @JohnLithgow

William H. Macy • "Fargo," "Shameless" • "Rudderless" (Premieres)

Brit Marling • "Another Earth," "Arbitrage" • "I Origins" (Premieres), "The Better Angels" (New Frontier) • @britmarling

Rachel McAdams • "About Time," "The Notebook" • "A Most Wanted Man" (Premieres)

Jack McBrayer • "30 Rock," "Wreck-It Ralph" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight)

Rose McGowan • "Charmed," "Grindhouse" • "Dawn" (Shorts), which she directed • @rosemcgowan

Alfred Molina • "Spider-Man 2," "Chocolat" • "Love Is Strange" (Premieres)

Jason Momoa • "Game of Thrones," "Conan" remake • "The Red Road" (Sundance Channel show launching at festival)

Luis Moreno Ocampo • former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court • "Watchers of the Sky" (U.S. Documentary)

Elisabeth Moss • "Mad Men," "Top of the Lake" • "The One I Love" (Premieres), "Listen Up Philip" (Next)

Julianne Nicholson • "August: Osage County," "Boardwalk Empire" • "The Red Road" (Sundance Channel show launching at festival)

Chris O'Dowd • "Bridesmaids," "The Sapphires" • "Calvary (Premieres) • @BigBoyler

Nick Offerman • "Parks & Recreation," "The Kings of Summer" • "Nick Offerman: American Ham" (Premieres) • @Nick_Offerman

Aaron Paul • "Breaking Bad," "Need for Speed" • "Hellion" (U.S. Dramatic) • @aaronpaul_8

Alison Pill • "Milk," "The Newsroom" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight)

Michael Pitt • "Seven Psychopaths," "Hedwig & The Angry Inch" • "I Origins" (Premieres)

Jonathan Pryce • "Brazil," "Pirates of the Caribbean" films • "Listen Up Philip" (Next)

Robert Redford • "All Is Lost," "All the President's Men," etc. • Uh, he kind of runs the place

Kelly Reilly • "Flight," "Sherlock Holmes" franchise • "Calvary" (Premieres)

Paul Reiser • "Mad About You," "Aliens" • "Whiplash" (U.S. Dramatic), "Life After Beth" (U.S. Dramatic)

Ryan Reynolds • "Green Lantern," "The Proposal" • "The Voices" (Premiere)

Johnathan Rice • Musician (Jenny & Johnny) • "Song One" (U.S. Dramatic) • @MrJohnathanRice

Krysten Ritter • "Don't Trust the B—— in Apt. 23," "She's Out of My League" • "Listen Up Philip" (Next) • @Krystenritter

Mitt Romney • 2012 GOP presidential candidate, ran Salt Lake Olympics • "Mitt" (Documentary Premieres) • @MittRomney

Mark Ruffalo • "The Avengers," "Thanks for Sharing" • "Infinitely Polar Bear" (U.S. Dramatic) • @Mruff221

Kurt Russell • "Escape From New York," "Sky High" • "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" (Documentary Premieres)

Zoe Saldana • "Star Trek" films, "Out of the Furnace" • "Infinitely Polar Bear" (U.S. Dramatic) • @zoesaldana

Jason Schwartzman • "Saving Mr. Banks," "Rushmore" • "Listen Up Philip" (Next)

Vinessa Shaw • "3:10 to Yuma," "Side Effects" • "Cold in July" (U.S. Dramatic)

Sam Shepard • "The Right Stuff," "August: Osage County" • "Cold in July" (U.S. Dramatic)

Tom Sizemore • "Saving Private Ryan," "Black Hawk Down" • "The Red Road" (Sundance Channel show launching at festival) • @tomsizemore

Jenny Slate • "Saturday Night Live" (2009-10), "Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" • "Obvious Child" (Next) • @jennyslate

John Slattery • "Mad Men," "Iron Man 2" • "God's Pocket" (U.S. Dramatic)

Kevin Smith • "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," "Smodcast" • "Clerks" (From the Collection) • @ThatKevinSmith

Mary Steenburgen • "Melvin & Howard," "Last Vegas" • "Song One" (U.S. Dramatic) • @MarySteenburgen

George Takei • Classic "Star Trek," your Facebook feed • "To Be Takei" (Documentary Premieres) • @GeorgeTakei

Miles Teller • "21 & Over," "The Spectacular Now" • "Whiplash" (U.S. Dramatic) • @Miles_Teller

Lea Thompson • "Back to the Future," "Caroline in the City" • "Ping Pong Summer" (Next) • @LeaKThompson

Marisa Tomei • "My Cousin Vinny," "The Wrestler" • "Love Is Strange" (Premieres) • @marisatomei

KT Tunstall • Musician ("Black Horse and the Cherry Tree") • ASCAP Music Cafe • @KTTunstall

Liv Tyler • "The Lord of the Rings," "The Incredible Hulk" • "Jamie Marks Is Dead" (U.S. Dramatic) • @LivTyler

Taika Waititi • "Eagle vs. Shark," "Green Lantern" • "What We Do in the Shadows" (Park City at Midnight) • @TaikaWaititi

Kristen Wiig • "Saturday Night Live" (2005-13), "Bridesmaids" • "The Skeleton Twins" (U.S. Dramatic)

Tyler James Williams • "Everybody Hates Chris," "Peeples" • "Dear White People" (U.S. Dramatic) • @TylerJamesWill

Luke Wilson • "Old School," "Rushmore" • "The Skeleton Twins" (U.S. Dramatic)

Rainn Wilson • "The Office," "Juno" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight)

Elijah Wood • "The Lord of the Rings," "Wilfred" • "Cooties" (Park City at Midnight) • @woodelijah

Robin Wright • "House of Cards," "The Princess Bride" • "A Most Wanted Man" (Premieres)

Anton Yelchin • "Star Trek" movies, "Like Crazy" • "Rudderless" (Premieres)

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