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I went to the Trib today to read a column my wife told me about by Robert Kirby: "Sundance takes the 'Park' out of 'Park City'" (Opinion, Jan. 20) — hilarious.

But to read the column, my wife had to use the NetNanny, which popped up, not once but twice, as the ads pulled up on the page, and we had to do this twice for each of the three pages the article occupied.

I can see why NetNanny blocker popped up. Several of the rotating "video" options were raunchy. I minimized the size of my viewing screen to just the text to keep them out of view to my lust-addicted eyes.

Yes, sex sells. For a reason. We males are wired to go lusting after scantily-clad, taunting women. There's no brilliant formula there. Women selling their bodies for money is probably the oldest ongoing profession in the world.

However, from a karmic point of view, I don't think the Tribune will be winning any heavenly points for assisting in the breaking up of families because of the lust-promoting content on its site.

Sterling D. Allan


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