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I recently read about the LDS church proclamation that the current liquor laws are working and are appropriate ("LDS Church: Don't change Utah's liquor laws," Tribune, Jan. 21). As a part-time resident of this beautiful state, I disagree. When I'm here, I continue to be amazed and confused by Utah's quirky liquor laws and practices.

A visitor and I recently went to dinner at a local restaurant/bar. When we arrived, I took the only remaining seat at the bar and my friend stood while we waited for a table. We tried to order a drink, but were informed that I could be served but not my friend, because he was standing.

We had to squeeze onto a couch with others while waiting for our table in order for both of us to get a drink. Since we were both seated, we could officially drink. Yahoo!

Aside from the fact that this is a really senseless and confusing practice to anyone not from here, I'm amazed that anybody would elect people who support these odd and outdated laws. What's all the fuss about? Every other state around us seems to manage alcohol consumption by law-abiding citizens without the heavy-handed controls imposed by church and state. Wake up, Utah!

Jerry Watterworth


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