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I was disappointed to read in The Tribune that the LDS Church has joined a coalition with other religious groups in an amicus brief to the 10th Circuit Court to overturn Judge Robert Shelby's Dec. 18 decision that Amendment 3 is unconstitutional ("LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial," Tribune, Feb. 10). The churches based their argument on their belief that children should be parented only by a heterosexual man and woman, preferably married.

Let's put this "for the good of the children" in proper perspective. Think about how many times, right here, in Utah, a vulnerable, innocent child being reared by a heterosexual mother and father is sexually abused, terrorized, tortured or murdered, to name just a few of the unspeakable acts perpetuated against a helpless child.

Have I ever read or heard of such a vile thing happening to a child living in a home with same-sex, homosexual parents? No, I have not. So all you people who think children are better off living in homes with traditional sets of parents, think again.

Mary Lee Haug

Salt Lake City

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