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Regarding HB110, the bill that would allow customers to purchase power from renewable sources more easily, arguments against it by Rocky Mountain Power smack of the age-old knee-jerk resistance to change.

Just as curbside recycling is now ubiquitous, use of plastic shopping bags are frowned upon, and hybrid or electric vehicles are becoming desirable commodities, renewable energy sources such as solar power will also eventually be a given. Our current reliance on coal and other fossil fuels is unsustainable, and as savvy consumers become more educated, they are increasingly demanding better options.

Rocky Mountain Power's resistance to this is merely a resistance to change. Yes, it will be more expensive in the short term, but only until services are implemented and then as costs decrease, benefits for the masses rise.

This change is especially important in our valley, where we boast the worst air quality in the country throughout our winter season. Every man, woman and child benefits from renewable sources of power as we all have to breathe the air.

Today the skies are blue and beautiful — wouldn't it be nice if there were more of these days and fewer of the others?

Maya Christopherson

Salt Lake City

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