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The Legislature should create an ethical standard for state elected officials tied to the move of the prison ("House GOP: Prison plan OK," Tribune, Feb. 20). The legislation should incorporate a simple provision: "No elected officer or member of the Legislature, their families, or business affiliations shall benefit directly or indirectly economically from the move or relocation of the prison during the elected official's term in office and for a period of two years thereafter."

So that Utah residents are not faced with the same issue down the road, add to the legislation: "There shall be no residential or commercial development of any kind that is not directly tied to the operation and maintenance of the prison within two miles of the prison property."

The above would be a good step in creating an ethical climate by which all future legislation could be passed. Of course it would mean that all commercial ties of an elected official and his/her family would have to be fully disclosed to the public when a person seeks an elected position.

Bruce Cohne

Salt Lake City

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