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There was a good bit of nudity and blasphemy on KSL over the weekend - on "Saturday Night Live."

Lena Dunham ("Girls") was the host, so the nudity was no surprise. And, with the judicious use of blurring and hands to cover up various parts, it wasn't exactly R-rated.

The three-minute sketch cast Dunham as Eve in the garden of Eden, and it was pretty funny. Clearly, there are those who find any attempt to mine humor from the Bible offensive, and that group wasn't laughing at this exchange:

"This is the Tree of Knowledge," God says, "from its branches, you shall not eat."

"Are you saying that in, like, a 'I suggest you don't' or in, like, a 'Definitely don't' but with a side of 'Maybe do.'" Dunham/Eve says.

"Well, Eve, you're clearly going to do whatever you feel like, so - whatever," God replies.

The sketch was framed as a trailer for a movie about Eve, and the accompanying lines from faux reviews were also amusing:

"Even for Adam and Eve, there's a lot of nudity."

"The only part that didn't ring true was when Eve did Molly and went to a warehouse party with her gay ex-boyfriend."

"If this is feminism, then I'm confused."

As was Eve's refusal to wear a fig leaf: "I'm not going to conform to society's demands for me."

Ah, well. At least KSL management has to be pleased that this didn't air on Conference weekend ...

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