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Chris Herrod, isn't having a vote counted a bedrock basis of liberty in this country ("Count My Vote/SB54 is a step away from liberty," Opinion, March 10)?

Our state is among the most conservative in the nation and has among the lowest voter turnout of all states. Correlation, maybe? The controlling party has a hand in this turnout by gerrymandering voting districts and controlling laws about who votes and when.

People rightly feel laws and elections here are rigged toward a particular candidate and (usually) the retention of the incumbent, so what's the point in voting?

It's ironic Herrod and others feel offended at the thought of having a result dictated to them, when this is exactly what they are arguing for: the easier opportunity to dictate desired results to the populous, by not counting wider votes, through exclusivity, through what is essentially and effectively political insider maneuvering.

Politics isn't a "private party" affair. Wake up, conservatives. We have one-party rule, and that undermines liberty.

Sandy Jensen

Salt Lake City

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