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I was seriously amused by John Becker's missal March 24 about pickleball being a sport that has an unproven track record ("SLC is going too far with pickleball," Forum, March 23).

Ogden and Brigham City now have beautiful dedicated venues for this unproven sport. Most county recreation centers have pickleball hours indoors. (One can even play on Sunday at Dimple Dell!) Try registering to play pickleball in the Huntsman Games. That boat sailed the first day of registration last week for an event in October.

I play pickleball with many current and former tennis players. Their consensus is that pickleball is just a lot more fun than tennis. To develop a good tennis serve takes years. Serving pickleball takes 10 minutes of practice. One can play the game of pickleball the first day out and enjoy the experience. A couple more outings and you may experience addiction of a good variety.

Pickleball players in Salt Lake City vote and pay taxes. Come on, tennis curmudgeons, give us just a small slice of your underutilized pie. Come play with us and enjoy the bliss that entered our lives.

Roger Tennant

Salt Lake City

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