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This week's Utah Crowd-Funding project lets you be paid back in art — while others are paid forward.

Two Salt Lake City artists, a street-artist painter named Murder and a poet who goes by Hansi, have a plan to create between 140 and 400 pieces of art — and then to give that art to random strangers.

Another 100 will be given to the project's Kickstarter benefactors, who can either keep the artwork or give it to someone else.

The artists' Kickstarter page does come with a caveat: "Any of the paintings may include depictions that challenge the beliefs of many in today's society. If you are not okay with this, then you may want to reconsider opting for the reward."

The artists aim to raise $4,000 via Kickstarter for the project, to rent a studio buy materials and pay for shipping. With a deadline of May 6, the project has so far earned $818 in pledges — or just over 20 percent of the goal.

Incentives for backers range from a single Murder painting with a Hansi poem (for a $40 pledge) to commissioning Murder to paint a mural on your own wall (for $5,000).

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