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Pioneer Theatre Company Managing Director Chris Lino's decision not to warn audiences in advance that they would see two men kissing on stage in PTC's production of "Deathtrap" was right, but it was done for the wrong reason ("Onstage gay kiss 'repulsive,' Salt Lake theatergoer complains," Tribune, April 7).

According to the Tribune, the warning was witheld in order "to avoid disclosing a major plot point."

I understand that warnings about explicit sexual scenes may be helpful to some theater goers, but see only one reason to warn about a brief, passionate embrace between two fully clothed actors standing on their feet: homophobic bigotry.

Even though he may reasonably predict some audience members may be repulsed and outraged by scenes of mixed-race kissing for example, or of people of color acting "uppity," I believe Mr. Lino would not warn about such scenes because he would not want PTC to legitimize and share the underlying racial bigotry.

A content advisory about same-sex kissing should be withheld for the same reason, so as not to legitimize and share the homophobic bigotry.

George Sumner

Salt Lake City

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