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University of Utah men, we are finally busted. It's about time ("University of Utah weighing changes to 'discriminatory' fight song," Tribune, April 8)

The school's student council has voted to change the lyrics of our fight song "Utah Man." As in "I am a Utah man, sir ..." Utah "man" is sexist and discriminatory and in this time, changes must be made.

It's a really great song, so we just need to change a few words here and there.

How about, "I am a Utah person, sir"? But then we still have the piggy word "sir" to deal with.

May I propose this: we preserve the phonetic sound of "man sir" but change to the old archaic Saxon word "mancer." It means inspired leader.

Utah mancers, Utah do-da day,

Utah mancers, yippy yo ky yay,

Ky Yie!

Michael Greer

Cottonwood Heights

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