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Instead of worrying about which University of Utah students feel "disenfranchised" by the "Utah Man" song, might not a university-level student government instead focus on all of the disenfranchised kids living in the shadow of the university who will never be able to afford to go there, be part of The Muss or of student government ("University of Utah weighing changes to 'discriminatory' fight song, Tribune, April 8)?

My Grandpa Harold grew up on University Street and was a lifelong fan, even before he was a student, and only missed one basketball game (possibly two) before he could no longer physically attend, well into his 80s.

He taught us the rowdy bar-fight song, with all the antiquated lyrics, and without any thought of disenfranchising his young granddaughter, and we've taught it to our kids in turn. We want our kids to dream of being part of higher education and, as Salt Lake City residents, we want the U. to thrive.

If we take our anthems and patriotic songs this literally, we lose the spirit and uniqueness of their tradition.

Aimee Horman

Salt Lake City

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