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I was expressing my elation that the Jazz fired Coach Ty Corbin. I thought that he made terrible decisions when he let Deron Williams go, also Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and the list goes on. These players made the 2014 NBA playoffs. Then this last season he brought all these young rookies in for the worst Jazz season.

My grandson said, "Hold on, Grandpa, Coach Corbin didn't make those decisions. That was Dennis Lindsey and the Jazz management who made these decisions!"

I said, "That can't be true, they fired Coach Corbin! You don't mean the coach was set up for the worst record and that Mr. Lindsey should have fired himself."

My grandson said, "In a fair world that should happen. But this is the kindergarten of NBA basketball, where the Jazz train them and send them off for greater NBA adventures."

Dick Dennis

Salt Lake City

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