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Here me out. No, rather, hear the above video out. It's of a baby T-Rex throwing out the first pitch in San Diego before The Padres played the Kansas City Royals earlier this week.

Now imagine every member of The Ogden Raptors wearing one of those, but they're raptors. They're even wearing their jerseys on top of the raptor outfit. A little on the human-sniffing snout, I know, but picture this: they throw and catch with their mouths and bat with their tails.

Can you see it? Can you? How is this not the best baseball game you've ever watched.

It is.

It is the best baseball game you've ever watched.

Look, they might not win the game in those get-ups... but they'll have won America's heart. And come on, dinosaurs.

— Michael McFall

Twitter: @mikeypanda

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