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I just returned from a visit to my sister who lives in Rose Park. I can't believe what the city is allowing to happen in this once beautiful area.

What an eyesore. Trash-filled yards, abandon cars, cars parked on what used to be well-manicured front yards, multiple families living in single family homes and back yards with weeds so high you can't see the fences.

This is prime property, close to town, great access to shopping and an easy drive to all the freeways. The area has the entire infrastructure in place, parks, schools, roads, sewers and water. There is no need to send folks to the hinterlands for homes and duplicate everything that is already in place in Rose Park.

What the heck are the folks at City Hall thinking? Where are the compliance people? Why don't the police have the junk cars towed? Where is the health department? Where is the local city council representative?

Wake up Salt Lake, you have a great opportunity here. Don't allow Rose Park to slip into a junk yard.

Vern Moyer

Meridian, Idaho

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