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The Salt Lake Tribune last weekend appeared particularly concerned with religion, at least in the Opinion and Public Forum sections.

William Saletan would have us believe that religious institutions are sometimes "viewed as instigators of conflict, oppression and violence," summarizing with "Religion is the vehicle through which most folks learn and practice morality."

Then there is Charles Ashcraft's retort to the desire of Steve Green, of Hobby Lobby fame, to incorporate a literal reading of the Bible into high school curriculums across Oklahoma, with examples of verses from said book that support heinous transgressions against humanity.

And you conclude with a letter from 14-year-old Audrey Lidgard, being offended as a Jew who had family die in the Holocaust, declaring, "I am who I am, and my religion shouldn't determine who can respect me."

To which I respond: Religion, like any other institution, is only as good as the people who practice it. Although I was raised with a parochial (Catholic) education until college, I consider myself to be neither religious nor spiritual. I practice "morality" for ethics of "humanity and decency" and a belief in the laws and forces of our universe, period, with only one request: Keep religion out of politics!

Robert Hoff

West Jordan

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