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I love Utah and have lived here most of my life. A pretty, great state. But, today, I am ashamed of Utah. Why are we allowing people to go without Medicaid if they qualify? Can we at least set up some clinics that people can go to for their health care needs?

What happens when someone gets sick and has no doctor or even nurse to see? They try to get by, but then they get really sick, and the only choice is urgent care or a hospital emergency room. After the ER has been crowded for days on end, the hospital declares bankruptcy and shuts its doors. Utah turns into California, and we have a bigger mess than ever to handle. Unintended consequences, because we didn't think ahead.

Please, rethink this whole thing. At least establish some free clinics for people to visit before they get really sick. Let's give people a hand up, as we have in the past.

Vicki Nelson

West Valley City

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