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I received an e-mail from an old friend this morning, one that has made the rounds umpteen times and now it's back again. It is a depiction of the President and Mrs. Obama at an event where Mrs. Obama appears to be disrespecting the country by not placing her hand over her heart during a flag ceremony. This particular hocus-pocus was debunked months ago and yet here it is, making another appearance.

This picture is bogus and is designed to create a cry of indignation from the right-wing idiots who will stop at nothing to tear down President and Mrs. Obama.

As responsible citizens and voters, we are obligated to at least try to establish the veracity of the messages we are disseminating regardless of our own political beliefs. If we took the time to do even a minimum amount of research by utilizing the resources such as Snopes or Fact Check before spreading disinformation and outright lies, we might even find ourselves discovering that our extreme positions are unwarranted.

Karlan Douglas

Washington, Utah

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