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A 17-member board from across Salt Lake County will begin meeting next week to try to shape the future of the unincorporated area.

The County Council approved Mayor Ben McAdams' appointments to the board Tuesday, created as part of legislation passed last session to put an end to local government boundary disputes within the county.

Its task, he said, will be to determine what legislation will be needed next session, if any, to create a municipal services district that would provide public-works services throughout the existing unincorporated area.

Such a district would freeze the unincorporated boundaries where they are, protecting existing tax bases and offering political stability that would allow each township to concentrate more on its own economic development and continuing the current high level of services, McAdams has said.

At the same time, his general vision for the municipal-services district includes enough latitude for individual areas to incorporate — and gain more direct control over functions such as planning and zoning — without destroying the financial viability of the townships left behind.

The board's first meeting is tentatively set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the south building at the County Government Center, 2001 S. State.

McAdams said 43 people applied to serve on the board. He plans to appoint many of those who were not selected for this board to subcommittees dealing with issues ranging from the canyons and open space to economic development and road planning.

"I want to harness the passions of so many individuals committed to moving their communities forward," McAdams said, noting the board includes people from all geographic areas as well as representatives from opposing sides on hot-button local issues.

"This commission is not one where the majority dictates where we go," he added. "This is a consensus or nothing."

At-large Councilman Richard Snelgrove applauded McAdams' selections, saying "this would make up a powerful board no matter what the enterprise might be."

Don't take your charge lightly, long-term Councilman Randy Horiuchi advised the board, recalling how local disputes have been known to tear apart previously harmonious neighborhoods.

"What you're playing with here," he said, "is not Silly Putty."

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"Community Preservation"

Members of a board that will advise Salt Lake County on an approach to protecting the integrity of the unincorporated area are:

Nancy Carlson-Gotts, Roger Dudley, Hugh Matheson, Jeff Silvestrini and Fred Healey, all of Millcreek

Paula Larson, Brett Helsten and Ruby Martinez, all of Kearns

Rep. Sue Duckworth and Bennion Gardner, both of Magna

Rick Raile, Emigration Canyon

Arlene Johnson, southwestern Salt Lake County

Barbara Cameron, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Ron Faerber, Sandy Hills

Russell Ray, Copperton

Paulina Flint, White City 

Tod Young, Granite

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