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The choice of music in Sunday's edition of "Music and the Spoken Word" seemed somewhat startling to some people.

As the Gay Pride Parade was gearing up a few blocks away, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." That song, from "The Wizard of Oz," has become a gay anthem over the years.

And at least a few locals were wondering if there was some kind of subtext to the song choice. If the MoTabs were sending a message of support.

That is, of course, incredibly unlikely. OK, it's impossible.

So it had to be a fluke, right? Or was it, perhaps, providence?

Well, one local observed, "Since there's no way that anyone did this deliberately, but it's also extremely implausible that it's pure coincidence, I guess we have to conclude that the person behind this little bit of subversive outreach was God."

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