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I cannot believe the letter that was published in the Opinion section of the Tribune ("My Dogs Over Your Child," July 1)!

Ashley Simmons states that, "given the choice between saving the life of my dogs over that of someone else's child, I would save my dogs every time; just as any mother would do given the same choice."

What?! I am a mother and a dog owner, and I would never choose to save my dog over a child. I dare say that any real mother would always choose to save a child over a dog. It's incredibly offensive for a dog owner to equate their ownership of a pet with motherhood.

I respect people that care for animals (I love animals), but the level of commitment and sacrifice that comes with being the mother of children will never be understood or equalled by one who just owns animals.

Don't equate dog ownership with motherhood! My advice to the unfortunate families that live in Sandy near Ms. Simmons: be very aware that there is a dangerous dog owner nearby who values the lives of your children less than her dogs.


Emily Taylor


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