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UTOPIA is a private company that has gone broke on taxpayers' money, and now the cities that have invested poorly into UTOPIA with taxpayer funds want their residents to pay another private owner billions to try and recoup the millions they've already lost?

They don't want to call it a tax because then it would go to the vote of the people. Most don't even know what UTOPIA is, and, if they did, they would never agree to pay for it out of their own pockets!

West Valley City and the other cities wanting to invest in what I was told is the "future of high-tech speeds" are willing to charge me and every other resident plus businesses a utility fee of a mere $20 a month for a service that we may or may not use or want! When I asked if this was legal, my foot got very wet and my chimney started smoking!

I have two questions: Is this big government gone wild? And where's Gephardt when you need him?

Linda M. Sagendorf

West Valley City

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