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I think daylight saving time is useful, but it depends on where you live in your time zone (i.e. at the east end or the west end). Most of the population in Utah lives at the west end quite close to the Pacific time zone. This results in long daylight in the summer naturally (100 miles west, and it's an hour earlier). There is really no need for the extra hour of daylight when this close to the next time zone to the west, not to mention what it does to our mornings. (Sunrise is pretty late.)

In addition to my home in Salt Lake City, I have a home in Mesquite, Nev. Mesquite is the opposite situation to Utah. It is in the Pacific time zone, but just a few miles west of the Mountain time zone. It gets dark about the same time as in St. George, but in Mesquite it is an hour earlier.

Daylight time is very useful in Mesquite for the very reason it is not particularly useful for the bulk of the population in Utah.

Jeffrey B. Gliedman

Salt Lake City

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