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Here we go. Jim Birrell ("Fair means equal," July 17) says Charlene Pineda ("Church treats me fairly," July 15) cannot be equal in her church because she is "dependent upon a man's righteousness to bless her and her family."

Jim, why do you have to chime in here? Charlene sounds like an intelligent, nice lady (of 70 years) who isn't hurting you or your family. She stated her experience and writes that her church should not be of concern to others. I agree. It's her life, her choice. Why stir up something just because her life choices don't match yours?

As a non-LDS person, I am getting tired of people taking every little pot shot they can at the Mormons over nothing. Her choices don't match mine, either, yet I loved her honesty and forthright points of view.

Live and let live, Jim.

Phyllis Polster

Salt Lake City

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