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I read "more punditry on Shurtleff and Swallow" on the Tribune web page (State of the Debate blog, July 16), finding a comment by the Deseret News stating an appointment system for attorney general would be better than what we have! What? Appointed by who? What follows this, appointed governors, presidents?

There are two directions to go in such a case, and this is not one of them! Reminds me of the tea party.

Informing voters of who and what they are voting for, on the ballot, instead of just an "R"" or "D," should at least help.

Seems to me that if the campaign contributors to a candidate, such as the payday-loan lobby supporting Swallow, were known, the election could have a different outcome. Voters had over two years to be made aware of Swallow getting free stuff from Jeremy Johnson, who was under federal investigation at the time!

Judges' names appear on a ballot, and I have no idea of their decisions of the past, or their party preference!

Good God. You can find out more about a horse before a horse race than a politician in the voting booth!

No wonder politics is a moral wasteland!

Tom Kudla

Heber City

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