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Sen. Orrin Hatch gave a wide-ranging interview Thursday to the Crosstalk program on Logan's KVNU.

Here are a few of the gems from the program.

• On the working relationship between the White House and Congress:

"I don't think this man (President Barack Obama) could ever be as good as Bill Clinton was and, as you know, I had lots of problems with Bill Clinton."

• On the crisis in Gaza:

"Our administration is not supporting Israel the way it should. It's amazing to me, it's mind boggling to me because the majority of Jews in America support Democrats."

• On the tide of undocumented children trying to cross the border:

"It's a pathetic mess and it didn't have to happen. Some of the president's profligate language has caused this."

• On illegal immigration generally:

"It's almost as though they believe in the White House and the administration that the more of these people they can get into the country the more they're going to turn them into Democrats and they'll have total control of the country so that there's never an opposition party. I hope that's not the case but a lot of people believe that."

• On the letter from 14 U.S. senators asking Obama to designate a Greater Canyonlands National Monument:

"You've got 14 very liberal Democrats from the farthest left in their party, none of whom have been to Utah as far as I know, trying to tell us what to do."

— Dan Harrie

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